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What to Wear for Your Engagement Photos

October 08, 2021

Picking an outfit just to head out to dinner is tough, so we understand the dilemma that occurs when choosing an outfit for something as important as your engagement photoshoot. You want to wear something that will look good in photos, flatter you perfectly, and reflect your personality. It’s a tough combo to find—so we’re sharing a few tips to help you put together the best engagement photo outfit you can. 

Keep It Neutral



We’re sure you’ve heard that neutrals look best in photos, and it’s true! When planning your outfit, look for colors that won’t overpower you or your fiancé. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stick to khaki or white, though! Muted blues, burnt oranges, dusty pinks, and more are all colors you can wear that won’t detract from you or your fiancé, but still give you a pop of color if you want it. Essentially, just avoid bright, loud colors—that neon pink might look great in person, but in your engagement shoot it’ll detract from the real star of the show: you!

Plan Ahead



Don’t wait until the last minute to plan your outfits! When you’re planning in a rush, you might end up with an outfit that you don’t absolutely love, and you want to be wearing something that you feel completely confident in so that the shoot goes smoothly. Be sure to give yourself some time to think your outfits through and choose looks you love, that make you feel good about yourself so you’re not self conscious in front of the camera!

Consider Season



When picking your outfit, consider the time of year and setting of your photos. If you’re an adventurous couple taking photos on a fall hike, you may want to choose a different outfit than what you would if you were taking photos in the spring in your favorite city. Consider your shoe choices, your layers, and everything else about your outfit with how comfortable you’ll be and how it will look against the backdrop. 

Don’t Match



A big key is not to match with your fiancé. You want to wear outfits that look good together in photos, but aren’t the exact same. Matching outfits will be distracting, and will take away that effortless look that you want in photos. 

Personality is Key



Wear something that will reflect your personality as a couple! If you’re not the type of girl to wear a dress and heels, then don’t. This is the opportunity for you to have photos that are less formal than your wedding day! You’ll have no shortage of gorgeous, formal photos from the wedding, so use the engagement shoot to take photos that reflect your personality as a couple. Go on a hike, hit up your favorite date spot, or take photos at a significant location to your relationship. It’s up to you, so wear something that suits your style and personality.