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The 35 Prettiest Wedding Nail Colors

November 19, 2019

Just as you want to choose the perfect jewelry and shoes to complement your wedding dress, picking the right nail color is equally as important to a bride. We are always a fan of colors that are on the softer side, and when we came across Ales Plotnikova on Instagram we discovered an abundance of gorgeous shades in everything from ivory and nude to pink and coral and even the softest blue. Don't think we left out nails that sparkle as we totally swoon over gold, copper, silver and glitter too. Check out our pics of the 35 prettiest wedding nail colors as their is something for every bride. (note: We've listed the brand and color for every shade that we could as not all information was listed and/or translated on the Ales Plotnikova Instagram page.)


Kinetics Solar Gel - Camel or Cabrio
OPI No Strings Attached
OPI Don't Ever Stop
 OPI Go to Grayt Lengths
 OPI The Beige of Reason
 CEV Peony Bouquet
 OPI Oh My Majesty
 Deborah Lippmann Dirty Little Secret
 Zoya Naked Manicure
 Beauty Drugs Scented Nail Polish Chocolate
 OPI Let Me Bayou A Drink
 Zoya Cala

 Zoya April

 FNUG Beauty Editor
 FNUG Hip Newcomer
 CEV Sex it Up & Golden Champagne
 CEV Caramel Macchiato
 CEV Adore

 1 coat of CEV glitter over CEV Seduction
 CEV Tempted Heart
 Kinetics Why Not, My Friend
 Picture Polish Beige & OPI Matte Top Coat with gold glitter design
 China Glaze Dashboard Dreamer (3 coats)
 Sophin Space Sand Collection 264
 Picture Polish LakoDom
 Picture Polish Beige & Rocky
 FNUG Urban Look