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Wedding Bouquet Inspiration

August 26, 2021

For decades, wedding flowers and bouquets have been a staple of decor. It’s an easy way to incorporate your color palette, and you can go as subtle or bold as you choose. Your flowers will be in nearly every picture of your wedding, and set the tone for your bridal backdrop. If you’re looking for your perfect bridal bouquet inspiration, here are some of our favorite color combinations and bouquet trends to make your bouquet everything you’ve ever dreamed of:

Bright and Bold



If you want a gorgeous, subtle rainbow, this bouquet is perfect. It’ll add a fun, bright look to the wedding, perfect for brides who want something fun yet classy. If you don’t want rainbow everywhere, you can also choose to go with simple, classic white for every other bouquet, and rainbow for the bride, to stand out. 




Dreaming of something simple and classic with a modern, unique twist? This neutral bouquet is perfect. The dried ferns paired with the subtle touches of light pink and spring green create a neutral bouquet with a modern touch, perfect for boho brides. 

Subtle Something Blue



Looking for a way to incorporate something blue into your wedding? This bouquet adds a subtle touch of blue into a classic color combination. The little pops of blue give you something blue and add a touch of color to your bouquet. You could also selectively only place blue into the bride’s bouquet and groom’s boutonniere if you wanted!

Classic Pink



A timeless bouquet choice, soft, pale pink looks amazing any time of year. This gorgeous, elegant bouquet choice will complement your wedding perfectly. The smaller white blooms in this bouquet give it a modern update, while maintaining the classic look. 

Bold Purple



When you want something unique and fun, a tropical bright purple might be the perfect choice for your wedding. The lilies and eucalyptus in this arrangement give it a tropical vibe, great for destination weddings and summer ceremonies alike. 




If you’re a boho bride looking for something truly unique, why not forget flowers entirely and have a bouquet made entirely of succulents? The evergreen color and unique shapes creating by the succulents will be completely unforgettable, and your bouquet will surely stand out from the crowd. 

Bright Yellow



Want to infuse your wedding with joy? Opting for a bright, sunny yellow bouquet will add a fun, happy tone to your wedding. Depending on what time of year it is, you can go for a bright yellow or a mustard-colored fall tone. Yellow is the perfect way to reflect the joy of your marriage!