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Inspiration for Your Perfect Fall 2021 Wedding

July 28, 2021

While the warm weather outside may not have you thinking about sweaters and changing leaves quite yet, for brides planning fall weddings, the season is just around the corner! Right now, you’re putting all the finishing touches on your wedding so that it’s everything you’ve ever dreamed. If you find that you’ve hit a creative rut with planning (hey, we totally get it—a girl can only make so many decisions), don’t worry! We’ve gathered some of our favorite Fall 2021 wedding inspiration to get you inspired and give you some unique ideas to incorporate into your own wedding. 



Vivid Colors



Just because you’re planning a fall wedding does not mean you have to opt for the classic range of warm oranges and deep reds! We love this vivid bouquet of lavender and green, the perfect choice for an unconventional fall wedding. 



Magical Lighting



If you’re planning a barn wedding, we’re in love with this understated lighting—a few well-placed string lights and touches of greenery have taken this venue from simple to ethereal, with a modern take on classic wedding decor that’s perfect for fall. 



Nature-Inspired Invites



For boho brides planning fall weddings, we love the nature-inspired leaf motifs on these invitations. Set the tone of your wedding early with a gorgeous fall invitation to get everyone excited for cooler weather!



Bright Blooms



Opting for warm tones on your wedding day doesn’t have to mean deep reds or subdued oranges—in fact, you can elect for bold, bright shades of those colors, and they’ll look just as amazing with the foliage!



Vintage Glassware



Mismatched looks don’t have to stop at your bridesmaids. If you love an eclectic look, consider thrifting vintage glassware to mix and match with your table settings, adding classic elegance with a bohemian twist. 



Warm Toned Bridesmaids



We love the glowing look of warm toned bridesmaids against the backdrop of fall foliage. If you chose your wedding date because you love the fall backdrop, why not bring the colors of the season into your bridal party?






Looking for hors d’oeuvres ideas for cocktail hour? Set out an array of fall foods in a well-planned charcuterie board, so guests can choose what they want and eat at their own speed. 






There’s nothing more romantic than candlelight, so it’ll add a lovely tone to your wedding. Not to mention, the warm glow of the candles will add a cozy undertone that will match the crisp fall atmosphere beautifully. 



Unique Outdoor Lighting



Usually, when you think of twinkling lights at weddings, you think of them overhead—but this unique use of them has us wondering why they aren’t used on the ground more! Unexpected and whimsical, this set up lights your space perfectly. 



Hanging Florals



Remember how cozy and gorgeous the hanging candles from Harry Potter were? Well, we’re obsessed with this bridal version. Cascading flowers and tea lights creates a stunning statement that adds a lovely, magical touch to your wedding day. 



Environmentally-Friendly Exit Toss



When leaving the reception, there’s really nothing more joyful than guests sending you off with well wishes and a sprinkling of something lucky—but this can often be something environmentally harmful. The new trend of throwing dried flower petals solves the problem, and the neutral tones will fit the fall aesthetic perfectly. 



Vintage-Inspired Seating



An easy way to make your reception feel warm and welcoming is to add scattered pieces of furniture that fit your wedding aesthetic and create spaces for guests to mingle. This adds a vintage-inspired feel to the reception, and makes the entire party feel more intimate.



Woodland Tablescape



If you’ve decided to lean into the season and match the atmosphere of fall, adding a few pieces of local flora to your table—this can be as simple as making a few select cuts on a branch outside—will add the perfect touch to your table settings. 



Geometric Ceremony Arch



To add a modern flair to your ceremony, you could opt for a bold, geometric arch with carefully placed florals. The unique shape in the back of your ceremony will give it a modern bohemian vibe your guests won’t soon forget!



Drink Wall



An easy way to combine giving your guests unique custom cocktails and creating a statement piece of decor is by adding a modern wall space to your bar where guests can simply grab their drinks. This simple, bee hive-like look could even be built yourself for a piece no one will believe was DIY.