How To Know When You’ve Found “The One!” Mobile Image

How To Know When You’ve Found “The One!”

February 15, 2022

If you’re anything like us, you have most likely spent plenty of time daydreaming about the dress you will wear on your wedding day. Growing up reading fairy tales, watching rom-coms, and obsessing over your favorite celebrity’s bridal look the moment it hit a front cover, it’s easy to believe that finding your wedding dress will be like love at first sight. For many brides, a clear realization isn’t always the case, but don’t get discouraged. Here are a few ways that you can know when you’ve found “the one!”

The moment you put it on, you felt confident wearing it. 


How you feel in a dress is the most telling sign in deciding if you’ve found the dress of your dreams. Odds are, you will look beautiful in every gown you try on, but there will be some that you feel ready for a runway in. If a certain gown brings your most confident, radiant, and gorgeous self out to play, make sure you’re paying attention.

Any outside opinions are just that: opinions. 


You’ll find yourself seeking advice from your loved ones when you’re trying on dresses, which is totally normal and encouraged. After all, this is the most important look of your life, and you’ll want help making sure it’s perfect. However, if you fall in love with a dress that no outside opinion could possibly sway you away from, it’s the one. 

You don’t feel the need to try on more dresses.


You may experience a moment during your bridal appointments where you’re simply staring at yourself in a mirror, wearing a gorgeous dress that you’re in no rush to change out of. If you find yourself in a gown that you just can’t stop looking at or thinking about, listen to your instincts. You have found your dream dress, time to celebrate!